About Nanyang Polytechnic International (NYPi)

NYPi is the international arm of Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP). It seeks to actively enhance the global presence of NYP, with the view to strengthen international partnerships, and create more learning opportunities for the students and staff of NYP.

As a platform to share the unique NYP Teaching Factory concept and its capabilities, NYPi''s mission is to develop NYP into a global polytechnic of distinction.  This is in line with the vision set forth for NYP by the honourable Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, then Singapore's Minister for Education, in his speech delivered at the dinner on 30 March 2007 to celebrate NYP's 15th Anniversary:

".... I hope to see NYP developing into a Global Polytechnic as it grows from strength to strength!"

At NYPi, we conduct training for technical and vocational educators from Asia and beyond. Through our training programmes, participants learn more about the unique pedagogic and management concepts of NYP, particularly the Teaching Factory concept, which integrates academic studies with industry projects within the Polytechnic. Industry projects are an integral part of the teaching and learning environment, providing students with real-life work experience, enabling them to be work-ready upon graduation.

NYPi has the privilege of partnering a wide spectrum of funding and sponsoring organizations, enabling us to train TVET leaders and educators from across the globe. These partners include Temasek Foundation, The World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Enterprise Singapore and German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GIZ).

With more than a decade of training foreign government leaders, administrators, and educators, NYP’s use of a unique Progressive Curriculum for teaching and learning, has been widely studied and adopted by technical and vocational education & training (TVET) institutes from  jurisdictions across North Asia (all 33 provinces in China and Mongolia), to South Asia (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Sri Lanka), to South-East Asia (Indonesia, Laos PDR, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam), to Central Asia (Kazakhstan), to the Middle East (Oman) and Africa.

To-date, more than twenty thousand participants from Asia and the Pacific have benefited from over one thousand customized courses conducted by NYPi.

Our Team

Members of NYPi  team are unique individuals who have followed through NYP's history from establishment till today. They comprise senior management and academic staff from NYP who have first-hand experience in the development and management of the Polytechnic since its inception. They share their wealth of experience with participants covering topics ranging from the management of TVET institutions, to cutting edge technical and vocational skills and knowledge.

Our Lecturers

Lecturers at NYP has many years of industry experience with deep domain knowledge and extensive pedagogical skills in delivering lectures and conducting on-hands training sessions. Our lecturers also keep pace with technological and industry changes in their domain area through real industry project work that they do throughout the academic semester.

Over the years, we have conducted many specialist teacher training programmes. These specialist courses include Robotics & Automation, Computer Network Technology, Computer Numerical Control (CNC & CAM/CAM) Technology, Mechatronics, Digital & Precision Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Embedded Technology, Web Applications Development, Cybersecurity, Big Data & Analytics, Supply Chain Management, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Nursing, Public Health, Food Sciences, Food Processing & Safety, Productivity, Innovation & Enterprise, and Hospitality & Tourism Management.

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For International Training, Capability Development and Capacity Building Programmes, please contact:

Ms Esther Bay, Director

Tel: (65) 6550 0094


Mr Chua Gim Peng, Senior Manager

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For Application of Full-Time Diploma Courses:

NYP’s Information & Service Centre, i@Central

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