Teaching Factory Concept

An accepted hallmark of Nanyang Polytechnic is its unique Teaching Factory Concept. This innovative training model has won acclaim from industries and academics, both locally and internationally.

The Teaching Factory addresses the hitherto unmet challenge commonly faced by institutions in trying to emulate a real world environment within a typical institutional setting. An important and integral component of the Teaching Factory Concept is the industry project work in which staff and students work closely as a team on real-life industry problems with cost, quality, reliability and deadline constraints, and often requiring multi-disciplinary capabilities residing in different schools.


The Teaching Factory is more than just a pedagogic approach that benefits student learning alone. It represents a total systems approach that releases the latent synergy between a number of inter-related key success factors. When correctly implemented, it creates a powerful effect not only on the quality of teaching and learning, but equally importantly, on the attitude and mindset of staff and students. In NYP, this positive self-reinforcing systemic interaction has contributed greatly to the creation of an environment of teamwork, innovation, strong linkage with industry, and a strong focus on capability development. It has also been a key contributor in the shaping of the unique NYP culture and spirit, which is an important prerequisite for the successful implementation of the borderless schools concept.