Mr Nurul Islam Nahid

Minister for Education, People’s Republic of Bangladesh


“The Ministry of Education is pleased to partner the Nanyang Polytechnic International to train all the Principals, Heads of Departments and Lecturers of Bangladesh polytechnic institutes to raise the capabilities of its teaching staff and technologies. This is necessary as strong educational institutions are necessary to prepare Bangladesh for its future economic and social development.”


Mr Lionel Yeo

Former Dean & CEO of the Civil Service College (Singapore)


“The rich historical linkage with the EDB and valuable international and corporate partnerships have positioned NYP well as a unique institution to be showcased to other countries. I applauded the good work that NYPi has done in supporting X-PSC efforts. NYP strikes me as one of Singapore’s best kept secrets to our nation’s success!” 


Higher Education Press, China

Quoted from page 25 of ‘Singapore Higher Technical Education’


"NYP's modern concepts for technical education and manpower development, its strong development-oriented and innovation-driven mindset, as well as its market-oriented strategies serve as a good learning model from other technical colleges to study and emulate. Deriving from its extensive experimentation and articulation, NYP's mission, philosophy and strategies offer valuable learning for us (PRC technical colleges)."


Ms Ayana Manasova

Chairman & CEO, Kasipkor


“Participants in this programme had a unique opportunity to get to know the Singaporean TVET system from inside, allowing them to study it from different angles and to adopt necessary experiences to our system.


While conditions within our countries may differ, it is still important to consider aspects such as establishing sustainable links with industries and the constant update of educational content.”

Sri Lanka

Mr Anura Jayawickrema

Health Secretary, Ministry of Health, Nutrition & Indigenous Medicine


“Sri Lanka health sector is learning about the Singapore medical and healthcare systems through the nursing training programmes held at the NYP International. This is important to improve the quality of service in Sri Lanka. The MoU signed between the Health Ministry and NYPi would help strengthen the human resources of Sri Lanka.”


Dr Ali Ghufron Mukti

Director General, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education


“The Ministry is pleased to support training at the Nanyang Polytechnic, which is a world class polytechnic. Deans, Heads of Departments, Lecturers and Instructors of the Indonesian State Universities who attended the training felt that the program further enhanced the competency of the delivery of their curriculum and teaching. It is expected that after training, the participants not only master the theory, but also have the ability to teach practical and hands‐on skills.”

Other Countries

Dr Mohammed Ibbini Deputy MD of Jubail Industrial College Saudi Arabia

“It was truly an exhilarating experience listening to you and seeing what you have achieved in such a short time. Your innovative approach to everything that you do appealed to us a lot. NYP’s pedagogy of doing “Innovation, Looking Ahead and Contributions” gave us a different way of evaluating our institution.”

Ms Jelena Letica Assistant Director for the Agency for Vocational Education and Training Croatia

"I never let you know how useful and enjoying was my training at NYP. Since then, you cannot imagine how the fun of Singapore and your education system has being larger than myself. Already, the biggest part of education community in Croatia [is] listening about Singapore. Besides, you and your colleagues were so kind and motivating. I really fall in love with your society and I gained the best study visit experience ever."

Dr Emma Kruses Va’ai Deputy Vice Chancellor of the National University of Samoa Samoa

"My sincere thanks to everyone who participated and supported this programme for our benefit. [It was] a very inspirational, practical, useful and challenging TVET workshop. Thanks for the excellent presentations and time given for discussions so we can begin to contextualise and adapt to our own institutions and countries. Thanks again to the Singapore Government for the Singapore Cooperation Programme and for your Singaporean kindness and hospitality. Fa’afetai lava."